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E Cigarettes - an alternative to your normal cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have absolutely no tobacco in them, therefore no tar or any of the thousands of other carcinogens found in your regular smokes and completely legal to smoke indoors and in public areas.

Electronic cigarettes are odour free, no more nasty tobacco smells. The exhaled smoke they emit is just vapour, completely harmless to anyone around you.

Still not convinced? Well not only do you get all the benifits of smoking ecigarettes listed above, best of all they are cheaper then standard cigarettes too!

Heres what some customers have said about e cigarettes :

"By swopping from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes ive managed to save myself a fortune, i have cleared my overdraft and am looking to buy a myself a new car by the end of the year."


"I was never a big smoker but always enjoyed a ciggie whenever i went out around town with the girls, having seen someone else using an electronic cigarette i decided to purchase a black 510 Titan from you, now whenever i go out i just use this, not only have i stopped regular smoking completely i can even use my e cigarette inside the pubs and bars."


"After being a regular 30+ a day smoker for more than 20 years with the aid of your electronic cigarette ive managed to cut my intake down to just 1 or 2 normal cigarettes a day."